The concept behind CROWDiNTELL

Connect your business with your retail network
Collect information on products and the retail environment at real time
A growing network of consumers observe, check and ask for you
Monitor analytics for market data and observations in exclusive dashboards

Our mission is to provide real-time, on-the-spot feedback from the retail environment and daily consumer activities from our crowd-sourced community and using mobile technology for data collection and transmission

We achieve this through two key founding concepts


  • A large number of available handlers
  • For fast, easy, accurate data collection
  • An ideal, cost-effective field force
  • Social benefit for consumers
  • Enhancing consumer consciousness
  • In its essence: A mobile and flexible community

A dedicated app…

  • Smartphones become mobile stations for data collection
  • Secure data transmission
  • Personalized rewarding system
  • Evaluation system for quality control
  • Enables communication via beacons
  • Fun and easy to use
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