Ad-hoc retail monitors

Imagine every kind of information you want to know about your products in any point-of-sale environment.  We can check it for you and report about it within the day.

How it works


You tell us what information you would like us to collect, when and from which retailers


Out of this input we create a project and upload it on our app


Our crowd-sourced community members are notified via the app which shows a map with all available projects, retailer locations and project rewards


Once they book for a project they receive task details, questionnaire, instructions and any accompanying material


Collected data from each project and each location are passing through strict quality control procedures at our offices before being accepted


Analytics from this information and any possible visual material are reported or uploaded in client-exclusive access dashboards

The benefits for you...

Conduct retail projects anywhere

Conduct retail projects anywhere in Greece and Cyprus: Crowdsourcing means easily available field force at nationwide level

Act and react quickly

Information you receive is just a few minutes or hours away from when it has been collected

Extreme cost–efficiency

Cost-efficiency is due to not relying on “professional” interviewers’ fees and added travel expenses

Fast execution

By conducting large number of visits at the same time, projects may be completed from within a few hours to 2-3 days

Small or large scale projects

Plan equally easily small or large scale projects: From just a few stores to large network of retailers

Strict QC for high data quality

Thorough in-house QC based on compliance with project guidelines and the quality of collected data. Performance is evaluated and monitored by point system

Platform inter-connectivity

Take advantage of the modern mobile technology and the interconnectivity of different platforms

Feedback, insights and ideas

You have a whole consumer community at your disposal to give you feedback, insights and ideas