In-store Metrics

From distribution checks and price checks to placement, compliance with shelf layout plans and information on items on sale and promotional activities, we collect data and provide you with metrics that matter.
Monitoring distribution
Monitoring placement
Monitoring prices
Monitoring promotion/campaigns

Fluctuations of sales due to low availability and out-of-stock, is sales loss and can be affected by time and place. Monitoring time and place patterns, when and where availability is low is crucial for better control over product availability. We check and identify in real-time for any possible issues.

  • Availability and distribution issues:
    • For which SKUs
    • At which times
    • At which places
  • Expired products
  • Check when availability is high enough to enable other activities our clients may plan
  • Correlate availability levels with actual sales for benchmarking (meta-analysis)

Shelf plans are created to maximize visibility, assortment interaction, cross-sales and generally boost sales. Failure to execute placement properly is certain to lead to sales loss. We may check for them in real time any placement issues.

  • Placement issues and/or compliance with agreements
    • Positioning
    • Visibility and attention attractors
    • Assortment
    • Share-of-shelf and neighboring products
  • Test efficacy of new placement plans
  • Correlate space allocation with actual sales to provide benchmarks (meta-analysis)

Pricing is the most decisive factor for driving sales and its role is even more prominent now. Differences in prices along time and across retailers form an ever-changing landscape that is hard to measure and follow.

  • We observe prices at real-time on products, across markets and categories
    • Visibility of price tags
    • Correlation with products
    • Reaction to unilateral price changes
  • Generation of price maps
  • Set-up longitudinal pricing surveys¬†
  • Correlate price with actual sales for benchmarking (meta-analysis) and generation of a relevant database

A promo campaign is usually short-lived and its impact is measured after completion. Real time feedback is therefore hard to get but crucial to ensure quick reaction when and where needed. We observe promotional activities and report in-time.

  • Observing the execution of the campaign
    • Visibility
    • Communication
    • Secondary placement
    • Availability of product and non-product materials (samples, leaflets etc.)
    • Evaluating adherence of execution plans
  • Correlate campaign performance indicators with actual sales for benchmarking (meta-analysis) and building-up a campaign effectiveness reference database