Consumer Intelligence

Customer experience and insights in real-time! At home, point-of-sale, point-of-service or point-of-consumption (horeca), our community may tell you about their interaction with your products, sales personnel or environment.
Mystery visits

Although based on real-time observations performed by ordinary consumers, mystery visits require people that are trained to perform more demanding or delicate tasks. High standards mystery shopping is possible through careful profiling and selection of the appropriate agents from our crowd-sourced community pool.

  • Mystery shopping studies for products and services (product/service-standards clinics)
  • Observing compliance with chain rules
  • Sales personnel motivation evaluation
  • Market environment checks
Attitudes and behavior, Insights and Ideation

All consumers we collaborate with create a living community that can contribute to bring you useful insights on how they interact with your products, what they think about them and how they believe you can make them better.

  • Real time product interaction
  • Real time U&A
  • Real time customer experience and satisfaction
  • New product tests and evaluations
  • Blogs and Discussions¬†
  • Picture enhanced collection and generation of ideas

Not confined to retail but expanding to other environments and covering more indoor and outdoor activities, we are fully exploiting the capabilities of our new Operational model to capture consumer behavior

Many such projects require online discussions in a closed-circle of carefully selected participants where the client’s topics are thoroughly discussed to generate ideas and provide in-depth feedback and insights

These services are involving consumer perceptions, behaviors and attitudes so are relying on the profile of the individual. So, we treat our crowd-sourced community as a normal panel of respondents